Aug 02, 2022

Find out what our credit analysts do from iwocan Rue Synolaki


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Find out what our credit analysts do from iwocan Rue Synolaki

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So tell us about you: what's your role and what does it involve?

I’m a Credit Analyst – I make lending decisions for businesses that apply to iwoca. This involves reviewing and analysing different types of financial data and documents that businesses provide us with, so we can assess the risk of lending to them.

A big part of our role as Credit Analysts is to not only analyse the risk of every application but to also document the different risk factors accurately and in a structured way to help other teams within iwoca, such as the data science team who look after our company’s automated lending decisions.

You studied Economics and Finance - what made you choose fintech?

I am a fan of innovation, and I’ve always believed working in fintech was perfect for me since I would get to be in a place where I could use my academic knowledge in Economics and Finance whilst also witnessing (and hopefully being a part of) the future of finance and credit. Especially when it comes to iwoca, the way we assess risk and make decisions is really unique and it feels exciting thinking about how we can further enhance  this way of assessment, and see where it can go.

How would you describe our culture?

I would describe iwoca’s culture as honest, open and humble.From my experience so far, culture is a BIG part of iwoca and it honestly feels like every single member of our team has been hand picked to fit and promote this culture.

There’s an immense amount of support from everyone, constant feedback and there’s always something exciting happening that brings everyone together!

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

A vital part of my job is to create context around an application in a timely manner in order for me to assess the risk of lending to a certain company. I find that this part of our work almost feels like piecing a “story” together or solving a complex problem.

As you can imagine, every application that we get is very different from the previous one. So, our way of thinking needs to adapt quickly in between assessments. We need to look at every application in a bunch of different ways in order for the situation we’re reviewing to make sense, and so we can capture the risk of lending accurately.

This is what I find most rewarding about my job at the moment: how my way of thinking is constantly being developed and challenged.

What advice would you give someone applying to join our team?

Just do it! Even if something doesn't work out in the end, I would definitely recommend to them to just apply and get to hear about iwoca from the actual people that help make it what it is, rather than just reading about the company on a job post.  

We’re all about small businesses - if you were to set up a small business, what would it be? And why?

I like making people laugh so if I had to set up a small business, I would probably set up a comedy night club because I think that owning a business that made someone smile after a long day would feel really fulfilling.


Words by
Rue Synolaki
Article updated on:
August 2, 2022

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