Feb 27, 2024

The Women of 3PS


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The Women of 3PS

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Established to address biases and create positive change, The Women of 3PS is an employee-led initiative comprising women from iwoca’s Partnerships and Sales teams. 

We spoke with Susan, Sharon, Bibi, Ruksana, and Lucy, members of the group, about the inspiration behind their initiative, the impactful topics they explore, their achievements, challenges conquered, and exciting plans for the future.

We’d love to hear more about the group and why it was created.

Ruksana, Senior Accountant Relationship Manager in iwocaPay, said: “In response to the March 2022 D&I survey results, conversations among the female 3PS team members surfaced, focusing on diversity in senior leadership, diverse hiring, and career progression at iwoca. This prompted the creation of a group for women in 3PS to regularly meet, now boasting 16 members! The group provides a 'safe zone' for discussions and initiatives to foster positive change.”

Tell us about some of the topics you discuss.

Lucy, Partnerships Manager in 3PS, said: “In a male-dominated industry, gender diversity is a constant theme in our working lives. Our discussions cover a wide array of topics, including hiring practices, career progression, mentorship, and leadership.”

In your opinion, what are some of the best outcomes to date?

Susan, Accountant Relationship Manager in iwocaPay, said: “Initially consisting of 6 members, the group has now grown over 50% in a year. We've established a judgement-free zone for open discussions, generating action points for positive change. The camaraderie developed within the group has fostered a supportive environment, especially beneficial for flexible workers not always in the office together. Seeking relatable role models, we've engaged with senior colleagues, such as Lara, Co-Lead of iwocaPay, who shared insights on overcoming gender bias.”

What are some of the challenges women in the group have overcome together?

Sharon, Sales Executive in 3PS, said: “Despite iwoca's emphasis on growth, we observed a tendency to hold back from opportunities within our group. Recognising this common experience has cultivated an environment where we support each other; we now actively encourage one another to pursue opportunities, sharing tips on handling difficult conversations, thereby boosting confidence and contributing to group progression.”

Where do you see the future of the group, any exciting changes?

Bibi, Senior Broker Account Manager in 3PS, said: “We’d really like to see the community we’ve built replicated in the other departments, and we’re now actively working to encourage other areas of the business to establish similar initiatives. Ultimately, we’d love to see a number of smaller groups throughout the company who can come together to share insights and drive positive change collectively.”

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