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We're building finance that works for your business

Finance should feel like a superpower, not a headache. That’s why we created iwoca.

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Less time ticking boxes, more time shipping boxes.

We want small business owners to spend less time on paperwork and more time running their businesses.

When small businesses go to their banks for finance they face long waits, endless forms and absurdly rigid criteria.

That means most of the UK's 5.5 million small business owners spend more time than they need to checking boxes and filling out forms.

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James and Christoph
James and Christoph
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James and Christoph created a solution custom-built for small businesses.

They were both working in finance when they noticed how small businesses were getting left behind by big banks. So they quit their jobs and put together a team to invent a new type of lending service using lightning-fast software. One that would give small business owners a great experience while getting the finance they need.

Over the past eleven years iwoca has grown from a small start-up to one of the fastest-growing business lenders in Europe. Now we're a team of around 400 in London and Frankfurt working towards the goal of funding one million small businesses.

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Meet the team

We're a mix of developers, account managers, dog lovers, climbers and explorers.

But we’re all working to make finance more accessible to Europe’s small businesses.

Want to work with us?
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What’s going on with small business

Read the latest news, insights and updates from our blog.

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Want to know more?

Here are some questions our customers ask. If there’s anything we haven’t covered here, check our FAQ

What do your customers use their business loans for?
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Generally, they put the money to short term investments, like extra stock. Or they use it to help with cash flow, like if they're waiting on an invoice.

What if I need more?
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With a Flexi-Loan, once you've paid back a third of your original credit limit, applying for a top up is easy. We'll just need updated information about your business.

How are you different from a bank?
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Even though we offer business loans, we’re not a bank. We’re an independent company custom-built for small businesses – and our goal is to provide straightforward access to finance where and when your business needs it.

How long does it take to get a business loan with iwoca?
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It takes 5 minutes to apply and in almost all cases you'll get a decision in 24 hours.

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We’re here to help

Small business loans are all we do, so you'll get straight through to someone who can help, like Lisa – we're not fans of hold music. Call us from Monday to Friday (9am - 6pm). We accept applications over the phone.

Let’s get started

Applying won’t affect your credit score

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Applying won’t affect your credit score

What's next?

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