Top online channels for small businesses

Our research reveals the top online channels that SMEs use for their business, and how they've changed over the years.

10 May 2022

Top online channels SMEs use for their business (pre vs post pandemic)

Our findings compare business usage of online channels before and after the pandemic.

Top channels pre pandemicTop channels post pandemic
1. Company website 38%1. Company website 40%
2. Facebook 34%2. Facebook 37%
3. eBay 16%3. Instagram 19%
4. Instagram 15%4. eBay 15%
5. Amazon 9%5. Amazon 8%
6. Etsy 5% / Gumtree 5%6. Etsy 5% / Gumtree 5%

Use of TikTok by young business owners doubles during pandemic

  • One in ten business owners under the age of 44 (majority of millennials) now use Tiktok to market their business, up from 5% pre-pandemic

  • Small business usage of social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok has risen by 14 percentage points since the beginning of the pandemic

Full data available on request

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Article updated on: 20 May 2022

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