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10 books for small businesses that aren’t about business

Not every book should be about business. Here are our favourites for business owners looking for lessons that don't involve what someone may or may not have learned at Business School.

Customer insights: Tracy Sambrook of SEB Brewing Services

“With banks, the goalposts move”

10 best business loans in the UK

Finding the right business loans or business finance product can be a hassle for any small business owner. That's why we've created this overview, which considers the different lenders out there so that you can decide which one is right for you.

This memes war: the balancing act of marketing with memes

Tapping into the buzz of social media appeals to many business owners. We unpick the potential of marketing with the meme, and consider: is it worth it?

What do I owe? The philosophy of debt

The first in a series of articles, philosophy lecturer and author Alexander X. Douglas discusses the concept of debt and takes us back through the history of lending

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