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Secured and unsecured business loans – what's the difference?

'Which business loan is for me?' is something most owners have asked. To help you decide, here are the main differences between the two main types – secured and unsecured business loans.

10 best business loans in the UK

Finding the right business loans or business finance product can be a hassle for any small business owner. That's why we've created this overview, which considers the different lenders out there so that you can decide which one is right for you.

How do I buy a business?

Starting up in business doesn’t necessarily mean you need to, well, start up. Purchasing an established enterprise can cut out some of the challenges of building one from the ground up.

Doreen Fletcher – Art, loss and everyday business

Over the last forty years, artist Doreen Fletcher has captured scenes of small business. In this intimate account, she looks back on her life, the language of shop windows, and why she’s still painting when everything else has changed.

How can I secure my business? Cybersecurity in 2019

It's easy to think "oh, my company will never be a target" when it comes to hacking. But when it's your whole business on the line, is the assumption worth the risk?

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