Aug 26, 2022

Here’s how to get hired at iwoca


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Here’s how to get hired at iwoca

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Taken from the original piece by Finextra.

Priding itself on flexible, fast, and efficient lending, iwoca is a loan platform that supports businesses in the UK and Germany by providing them with credit facilities. iwoca currently has about 400 employees spread over offices in three cities.

What is iwoca looking for in an ideal candidate?

iwoca is focused on hiring people that share their values and will be passionate about their work. Desai explains that motivation is a highly desirable trait: “It is about personally caring about what you do, day in and day out. Going to work shouldn’t feel painful. Sure, there will be hard times, but we win, learn and grow together.”

Additionally, Desai notes that candidates should be skilled in their qualifications, humble in their approach to learning and growth, and willing to adapt and improve themselves for the benefit of the company.

“Critical thinking is key at iwoca and it’s important to break down problems by thinking about ‘why’ they exist and then ‘how’ you’re going to solve them.”

What are your top tips for candidates looking to break into the industry?

Desai explains that when applying for jobs to a company, doing your research is essential. She outlines three key points to consider when going into an interview:

  1. Make an assessment on the company culture: “Do a thorough check on Glassdoor to see if the workplace culture matches your temperament. You wouldn’t buy a product on Amazon or book a hotel on TripAdvisor without checking the reviews, so why would you apply for what is an even bigger commitment (a career) without checking what it’s like to work at the company? It’s likely there will be some who didn’t have the best experience and there will be others who loved it, so it's important to look at a number of reviews over a period of time to be able to make the most informed choice possible.”
  2. Network with people in the industry to gather intel: “The best candidates do a deep level of due diligence and research before going to any interview. Believe me, we will notice this throughout the interview process and it’ll really set you apart from other candidates.”
  3. Learn about the company: “Study their social media channels to build your knowledge of the company, read the latest news, and understand the look and feel of the company so that you can see whether you might fit in. You’ll of course never get the full story, but it’ll be a fairer reflection so that you can make the best decisions.”

How should I alter my social media accounts when looking for a job?

An underestimated, yet significant, aspect of a LinkedIn profile is for candidates to have a clear profile picture and a good intro summary, Desai comments.

“More often than not, internal recruiters, headhunters and recruitment consultants will use Linkedin to search for talent, contact and then place candidates into open roles. Of course, at some stage in the process you may be asked for a CV, but I’d certainly say your profiles on sites such as Linkedin and Otta should be as comprehensive as possible. What I’ve found is that a good first impression (and a strong interview) will get you in the room, but talent, motivation and a growth mindset will keep you there.”

What roles is iwoca currently hiring for?

iwoca is currently hiring for 40 positions in London, Leeds, and Frankfurt. Among these roles are Credit Analyst, Data Scientist, and more.

Why work for iwoca?

Noting the open and friendly environment at the company, Desai adds that for individuals considering applying to iwoca, or who have been invited to interview, “we’d happily introduce you to ‘iwocans’ as part of the process so that you can learn more about what it takes to really succeed here.”

Tell us about some “iwocan” success stories.

“I can think of at least two of our senior managers who are at iwoca; they both started as fresh graduates and are still here after many years. Today, they are managing teams and having a real impact on how the company is shaped.

“There are also a number of other alumni who have gone on to do amazing things beyond iwoca - such as start their own successful companies, or take move into a completely different industries. I love hearing stories about how much they still value their iwoca experience, how much they learnt while they were here, and how it helped them move their careers forward.”


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August 26, 2022

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