Sep 06, 2022

What do the accountant relationships team do? And what is it like being a parent at iwoca? Find out from Ruksana


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What do the accountant relationships team do? And what is it like being a parent at iwoca? Find out from Ruksana

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Hey Ruksana, what is it you do at iwoca?

I’m an Accountant Relationship Manager. I spread the word among our  existing accountant partners and potential new ones about how great our products are, and get them to refer clients. I meet with them either in person, via video meetings, or through LinkedIn, webinars, calls and events.

Tell us about some of the exciting things you work on in your role.

I love taking part in events where we exhibit on our own iwoca-branded stand and meet hundreds of accountants and bookkeepers. The lockdown meant many of these were cancelled, but it’s great to see all accounting events up and running again. It really energises me to be able to meet with people face to face, and I enjoy the buzz of a major industry event.

We have a commercial partnership with Xero, and Xerocon is the ultimate event! There’s always a great atmosphere: exciting talks and vendors exhibiting, and most importantly – the Xerocon party!

Finish the sentence: ‘I’d describe my team as…’

I’d describe my team as a family - because we work together towards the same goals and we’re always there for each other (happy tears!)

We understand you have a young family, how do you juggle being a parent and your career at iwoca?

It’s key to work with a team or organisation that understands family life – iwoca has helped me to grow and nurture my role as a parent as well as professionally due to the flexibility it provides. iwoca understands our work life balance and my son is always joining me at the office during school holidays – he thinks it's his workplace too! They throw the best kiddies parties every year, and we've never missed one to date.

Have you got any tips for new parents trying to find the balance between working and parenthood?

I’ve found that joining groups with other parents has been very helpful especially for first time parents. Every milestone or challenge is very new and daunting, but speaking to others helps you stay grounded and not so isolated. It takes a village to raise a child, so take all the help possible to make time for yourself! I am fortunate to have family and friends to pitch in whenever I need to 'chill out' and being the best version of myself will only help with my relationships personally and professionally.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career at iwoca?

If you don’t have a finance or tech background and you’re worried that means you can’t work in fintech, then you should stop worrying! I didn’t come from a finance, business or tech background; I graduated in Law and went on to complete a Masters in Law. I had no idea of what fintech was initially, but working at iwoca has exposed me to a fun, fast paced environment, where I am able to learn everything I need to know to do my job. It’s extremely rewarding to be part of a culture that contributes to our changing times.

We’re all about small businesses - if you were to set up a small business, what would it be? And why?

A fancy non alcoholic bar! Where friends and family can meet and enjoy various exciting drinks … and not just orange juice, coke or lemonade.


Words by
Ruksana Alom
Article updated on:
September 8, 2022

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