How iwocaPay helped Arfon Consulting stand out from the competition


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How iwocaPay helped Arfon Consulting stand out from the competition

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A business for businesses

Arfon Consulting is all about supporting businesses - they provide commercial support to both public and private sector clients alike.

Before using iwocaPay, Arfon Consulting frequently found themselves having to pair back the support packages they were offering clients. This meant they had to split up some of their larger projects into smaller packages. ‘It becomes a bit disjointed’ explains Alun, founder of Arfon Consulting, ‘you have much more admin time managing lots of smaller projects and less money coming in’. It wasn’t the most efficient way to work for either party.


Using iwocaPay to offer a better experience for their customers

By giving his clients the option to spread the cost through iwocaPay, Alun could secure bigger contracts and give clients the full support they needed.

‘iwocaPay gave me the ability to do bigger and better things with my clients.The option for extended terms meant we were able to provide a far larger and more comprehensive support packages to our clients - giving us months of solid work from one client that just wouldn’t have been possible otherwise’.

iwocaPay helped Alun build strong long term relationships with customers and increase his revenue. Even better, he stopped having to chase invoices or reconcile payments, saving valuable time.

‘It worked like a dream. Was all very straightforward - it just did its’ thing. I just sent the invoice from Xero - client clicked on the iwocaPay button and checked out no problem. Got a ping from my bank saying I’d been paid no more than 20 mins later. I logged into Xero and it had all been reconciled and sorted.’ ‘I hate having to pick up the phone to chase invoices, it’s important but I hate it, iwocaPay solved that too.’

‘Rocket fuel’ for growth

In fact, Alun and his clients loved iwocaPay so much he’s making it a core part of a new business designed to help more businesses get up and running in the months after the pandemic. ‘It adds credibility and helps me stand above the competition’

‘Access to iwocaPay allows SMEs to get up and running quicker and take on bigger projects - it facilitates business growth and development. If we can kickstart that we can grow the economy and take it out of this hole left by the pandemic - I really do see it as adding the rocket fuel to growth for small businesses.’
Article updated on:
August 9, 2021

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