How Tradecoach is helping businesses pay themselves first


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How Tradecoach is helping businesses pay themselves first

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Meet Daren Henderson, a passionate business coach for trades professionals who wants to empower his clients with the tips and tools they need to earn more while working less.

Using the lessons he learned from creating his own million pound trades business, he has been running Tradecoach for the past five years to teach others how to add value to their organisations, ultimately giving them the chance to build their dream life. 

“One of the best lessons I learned while building my own business is to pay yourself first.” 

This changed everything for Daren, and it’s one of the first things he teaches his clients when they start their coaching course. Every business owner understands the importance of cash flow, but Daren wants to show that choosing to spread the cost, instead of parting with a large sum of money in one go, is key to keeping your cash flow humming. “You could be looking at a healthy business bank account one day, but the next, something might happen which means you’ll need a new van or piece of machinery, and that can be a devastating loss. By making the most of financing options, business owners will still have that flexibility to pay themselves first every month.”  

A lot of coaching is about practising what you preach, and having iwocaPay on board is helping Daren do exactly that.

He’s on a mission to get business owners comfortable with using financing strategically, and show that making the right investment means you can prioritise long-term financial health. “A lot of people think that financing is bad. However, if you’re doing it right, it can help grow your business by 2% to 5000%.” Making people aware of their purchasing power is a passion point for Daren. By offering iwocaPay, he’s practising what he preaches and his clients can spread the cost of the Tradecoach course - so they can invest in their future success while still paying themselves first. 

Introducing clients to iwocaPay has been a huge hook for the business.

By giving them the option to pay for the course over three or twelve months, Daren is offering a payment plan that suits everyone. As a result, he’s reaching more business owners than ever.“I remember there was one potential client who was desperate to sign up, but he had just purchased a house, so it wasn’t very financially feasible. I told him he could spread the cost of the course with iwocaPay to help ease the burden while still investing in his long-term business goals. I think initially he was a little hesitant, simply because he had experienced other providers in the past who had subjected him to hours of forms and documents, but after a quick questionnaire with iwocaPay, he was accepted within an hour. It was a seamless experience – I don’t think we would have gotten him over the line without it.” Now, after completing the course with Tradecoach, he is thriving and making more profits than ever. 

Building trust is critical in Daren’s line of business, and something he’s realised iwocaPay can help with when it comes to bringing on new clients.

“Tradespeople can be sceptical. Many have worked with cowboys in the past and are wary of being shortchanged.” Being an iwocaPay supplier helps convert potential customers into happy, successful clients - not just by making things more affordable, but also giving a credibility boost. “Understandably, a lot of people don’t want to part ways with thousands of pounds in one go, so integrating iwocaPay has helped ease a lot of fears by breaking down the cost into smaller monthly payments. Plus customers find it really simple to set up. For any business owner, using a seamless platform like iwocaPay makes life so much easier. It takes hardly any time and you can do it all from your smartphone.” 

“Having the iwocaPay stamp on the website is helping to build that trust. It’s a reputable brand, one that works with a lot of our competitors, and so that association is great for us.” 

In fact, Daren has been weaving in iwocaPay messaging throughout the lead generation process to encourage sign ups – from the landing page to the brochures, email marketing and sales calls (get in touch with him on 07889906446). “It establishes a sense of authority and lets people know they’re safe with us.”

To learn more about how iwocaPay can help you attract, convert, and build trust with your customers, reach out to our team today.


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