Accountant Story: Paul Ryan of Yare Accountancy Services

We met Paul Ryan, founder of Yare Accountancy Services, at Quickbooks Connect 2018. Ahead of this year's event, we spoke to Paul about how he set up his firm, and how he uses iwoca to benefit his clients.

11 February 2019

Since the recent advent of cloud-based accounting software, many firms have been embracing the flexibility of remote working. However, things were different in 1984: when an illness meant he wasn’t able to travel to work, Paul Ryan faced a choice. He made the decision to branch out and set up Yare Accountancy Services.

Today, Paul has built the business into a leading practice in Norfolk, offering professional and personal accounting services. He's always looking for new ways to add value to his client base, and to benefit the firm.

Paul first heard about iwoca through ICPA articles, and then met our team at Quickbooks Connect. He explains, “when you run a business it’s always useful to have access to finance, because clients may not always pay on time and you never know when you might need capital to cover unexpected costs”.

It quickly became apparent that iwoca's facility was a great fit for his clients. Paul says "I initially wanted to see how it works, so I could be confident about recommending it to clients who might need such a facility. I tend to learn about a new product by trying it myself, and that’s exactly what I’ve done with iwoca.

“I completed the application online on Sunday, spoke with Richard (iwoca’s Head of Accountant Relationships) on Monday and was approved for funds within 24 hours. It was so straightforward".

Paul mentioned clients occasionally come to him for solutions to their liquidity problems: “there are clients who come to me with cash flow issues in the eleventh hour, and now I know who to put them in touch with. I can even submit a credit application to iwoca on their behalf using the introducer dashboard”.

As his accountancy practice expands, Paul is planning to train his staff about alternative finance providers like iwoca, so they can provide an even greater level of support services to clients.

To find out how you can offer finance to your small business clients, make sure to visit the iwoca team at QuickBooks Connect London, 25-26th February at Old Billingsgate, or learn more about our accountants referral programme here.

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