How iwocaPay enabled Food4Heroes to keep providing free meals for NHS workers

Using iwocaPay, Food4Heroes had a sleek, new website built without having to pay for it upfront.

21 July 2020

Food4Heroes – what's it all about?

A few short months ago, lockdown became the new normal and like most other businesses, Food4Heroes, found themselves in an interesting situation. Founder, John, responded to the crisis with a fantastic idea that connected restaurants to the NHS with public funding – giving NHS staff freshly prepared nutritious meals to help them stay healthy and well fuelled through those long hours.

All John needed was a website. One that allowed people to donate money to the restaurants making meals for the NHS, and help keep their businesses afloat. The problem was that he needed it ‘yesterday’ (or as soon as humanly possible) but finding the funding to make it a reality, especially then, was going to take time.

Using iwocaPay to launch a website in 24 hours

John turned to Vovi – a marketing agency with a heart. They ensure ‘companies that do good, look good’, by offering branding, website development and social media marketing to businesses making a positive impact on the world. In doing so, they allow businesses to engage meaningful communities of supporters online.

Using iwocaPay, Vovi created a beautiful website for John without having to worry about when he was going to pay. The website was launched in 24 hours, Vovi were paid up front by iwocaPay and John spread the cost over three months.

“As a co-founder of Vovi, I can honestly say we were turning clients away time and time again,” says Alex Rook, co-founder of Vovi Studio. “They wanted to do something new, exciting and digital, but couldn’t ultimately afford to do so upfront.”

“Offering our clients flexibility has massively empowered us to go out and pitch to more businesses, as our offering has become more attractive to clients – particularly in such uncertain times.”

Via their new website, Food4Heroes has become a nationwide operation that has connected with every hospital in the UK. So far, they've raised nearly half a million pounds in donations and delivered over 250,000 meals to NHS staff.

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Laurence is the Go-to market manager for iwocaPay.

Article updated on: 21 July 2020

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