How iwocaPay helped Superpow! get ready for their first fundraise

With iwocaPay, Superpow! were able to get ready for their Crowdcube raise

29 October 2020

Superpow! The mental health app with superpowers

Frustrated with the inflexible and often expensive mental health support currently available, Superpow! co-founders Gabriel and Andrei are on a mission to create a mental health app with a difference.

Using iwocaPay to get ready for an investment round

Superpow! are just starting out and looking to raise money with Crowdcube to develop their App. To do this they needed to get everything ready to convince prospective investors. They found a great fundraising consultancy to help them, the problem was they needed to pay for it before they raised the money.

That’s where iwocaPay came in: ‘We wanted to have a flexible payment option and protect our cash flow’, says Andrei. With iwocaPay, The consultancy was paid up front by iwocaPay, and Superpow! were able to spread the cost over 90 days, with the first 30 days free - meaning they won’t start paying for it till after they’ve closed the round.

Think you might want to invest? There’s still time to support Superpow!

Superpow! takes a more human approach to therapy; matching you with a therapist based on more than just symptoms, taking into account preferences like preferred language and cultural background, to guarantee your therapist is right for you. What’s more, they're totally flexible to use - no minimum session numbers or durations - and aim to match you with a therapist faster and more affordable than any other app.

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Danni Camilleri is the Product Marketing Manager for iwocaPay.

Article updated on: 18 January 2021

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