Get paid sooner for advisory work

The payment solution for accountants and bookkeepers who want to help their business clients to spend more.

  • Accept payments anywhere without fees
  • Let business clients spread the cost over 3-12 months
  • Avoid credit risk and late payments
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iwocaPay features for accounting firms

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A payments solution designed for growth

  1. Remove credit risk

    If your business clients don’t pay us we’ll never ask you for the funds.

  2. Increase revenue

    Give clients more purchasing power and grow your average order value with flexible terms and pre-approved spending limits.

  3. Unlock cash flow

    Get paid up front in full on all orders - so you can stop waiting on payments to reinvest in your business.

  4. Streamline processes

    For you and your business clients - auto reconcile your payments and outsource all the admin that comes with offering credit to us.

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"Now more than ever, cash flow is everything. iwocaPay allows us get paid instantly, at the click of a button. It also gives clients the option to pay over 90 days, and we get paid upfront! Winner winner, more cash to pay for those chicken dinners! We love it because we get paid quicker, our customers love it because it gives them options and puts the choice in their hand!"

Max Whiteley BFP-ACA - Head of Accounts

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Integrates seamlessly with

Refer your clients for iwocaPay with ease

  1. Custom built introducer portal

    Create an introducer account for free and refer your clients for iwocaPay and iwoca loans in a few minutes.

  2. Open up a new revenue stream

    As well as helping your clients to improve their payments, you can also earn commission for each one that onboards with iwocaPay.