Pay Later

For when you want to spread the cost and supercharge your purchasing power.

  • Get up to £30k to spend with any iwocaPay supplier*
  • Spread the cost over 3 or 12 months
  • Streamlined and secure sign up

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*Subject to approval

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Why businesses love using Pay Later

Build better relationships with your suppliers by choosing a payment method that benefits you both.
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How Pay Later works

  1. Select iwocaPay at the checkout

    Don’t worry if you don’t already have an account - you can sign up to iwocaPay before or at point or purchase via the checkout.

  2. Choose how long you’d like to pay

    3 months or 12 months  - you’ll automatically see the options your seller offers that are available to you on this payment. If it’s your first 30 days with us you’ll only see a 3 month option.

  3. Log in or sign up

    If you haven’t already got an account we’ll need a few basic details about your business and the director first. It’ll take about 2 minutes and you won’t need anything to hand.

  4. See your spending limit

    Based on those details we’ll show you how much you can spend with Pay Later. You can use it over as many transactions as you like with any supplier who accepts iwocaPay.

  5. We pay your supplier in full - instantly

    We do a few security checks and then we pay your supplier instantly - you’ll need some photo ID and your phone.

  6. You connect your card for your monthly instalments

    We’ll take care of the rest. so you never have to worry about missing a payment. If you decide to settle up early or make extra payments later there’s no hidden fees for that .

Split bills into 3 or 12 monthly instalments

Turn any payment into a manageable monthly subscription you control - while we pay your suppliers in full on day one.

Get up to £30,000 to spend with any iwocaPay supplier

A flexible spending limit that puts you in control - increase your purchasing power and make strategic investments. Use as much or as little of it as you like, with the peace of mind it’s there if you need it.

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Paying with Pay Later

Here are some of the common questions we get asked about paying with Pay Later - you can find all our FAQs here.

How much does Pay Later cost to use?
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This depends on the type of set up your supplier has, it’ll either be:

Interest free
No matter how long you take to pay - no late fees or additional costs whatsoever.

Or pay as you go
At an interest rate based on your business. You only ever pay for the days you use - there are no other fees and you can settle up early and save on interest anytime you like.

How do monthly payments with Pay Later work?
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We'll automatically collect your minimum monthly payment using the card you register with us. If you like you can pay more than the minimum any time, it's totally flexible. If your extra payment is the same amount or more than your next monthly payment, we'll skip it.

To make extra payments just head to your iwocaPay account or give us a call - you can pay using a debit card or bank transfer.

Will you do a credit check on me or my business?
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We’ll need to run a soft credit check before you can spread the cost with iwocaPay - which means applying won’t affect your credit score.

iwocaPay is part of iwoca - an award winning small business lender that’s made finance available to more than 90,000 businesses.. iwocaPay uses the same proprietary credit checking software to make sure we’re supporting as many businesses as possible while being a responsible lender.

What’s the maximum spending limit I can get?
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The maximum spending limit is £30,000 .

When you start making repayments your spending limit tops up by the same amount.

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Want to accept payments with iwocaPay? Get in touch

Talk with one our account managers who will get to know you and your business and then see how iwocaPay can help.

We'll cover:

  • an explanation of how iwocaPay works
  • details about your business and your customers
  • a more personalised pricing and roll out process estimate