How Pink Pig Financials is helping its customers reach their goals with iwocaPay

By using technology like iwocaPay, Pink Pig Financials is streamlining their customers processes and laying the foundations for success.

18 January 2021

Accounting that goes beyond the basics

Pink Pig Financials works with parent-led Ltd. companies to help them achieve their goals with smart accounting solutions - whether it's growing the business or having more time to spend with the family on the weekend. ‘We have more of a partnership with our clients - we work with them rather than for them.’ says founder Cheryl Sharp.

As well as the standard accounting services, they help clients use the latest technology to make their lives easier and set them up for long term success. ‘We use technology to find issues and set up long term solutions rather than just papering over the cracks’.

Using iwocaPay to solve problems for customers and avoiding the faff

‘To become a trusted advisor you need to show them you can solve problems and give them extra value’, explains Cheryl, ‘the biggest impact you can have on your clients business is helping them get paid faster’. Reducing barriers to payment and cutting debtor days can have a significant impact on cash flow. ‘We want to help our clients and show them the things that will give them return and help their customers too. iwocaPay does just that.’

‘Accountants who offer things like iwocaPay are raising the bar - and if you’re giving extra value you can charge higher fees. The more clients use you and recommend you when you go above and beyond to help them with tools like this.’

Now more than ever people are opening up to using technology to solve their problems, but that shouldn’t mean extra work for clients:‘It takes all of 2 seconds to set iwocaPay up on Xero and then it’s done. They don't have to do anything else to get invoices paid quicker, it’s built right into what they already do - there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be using it.’ Even better, it’s simple to explain; ‘it’s also easy for us to show our clients, they understand the benefits right away and setting up is straightforward’.

Simplicity = speed

As an accountant, Cheryl knows what gets invoices paid faster, ‘in this day and age people just want simple’. By making settling up as straightforward as possible, iwocaPay gets you paid faster.

‘It’s that extra level of easy - no logging in, finding the card, entering details, all those little bits which might make someone say “Oh I’ll do it later because I don’t have xyz to hand right now”. There’s no reason to put it off because it’s so simple.’

Even better, iwocaPay can help you reach more customers and increase your invoice value by letting your customers spread the cost. ‘The option to spread the cost makes it more manageable and helps you build a better relationship with your customers - it’s a win win because it’s better for their cash flow too, so if you’re competing with another business which doesn’t let them spread the cost they’ll go with you’.

It’s because of this simplicity and flexibility that Cheryl’s excited about introducing her clients to iwocaPay:

‘I’m probably more excited than I should be about a payment service!’, laughs Cheryl, ‘The big reason is really how easy it is - for us, the seller and the person paying the invoice.’

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Danni Camilleri is the Product Marketing Manager for iwocaPay.

Article updated on: 9 August 2021

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