How accountant – David Bradley – is giving his clients a competitive market advantage with iwocaPay

Accountants – read below to learn how you can give your clients a competitive market advantage too!

14 October 2021

The average UK small business has £10,000 or more in outstanding invoices at any one time and spends around 2 days a month chasing outstanding payments. With staff to pay, materials to buy and so much more, these delays in payments often means delays in projects. And this impacts overall profitability. (Read more in our article on the trade credit crunch.)

So, it’s vital small businesses are paid on time. But finding the best solution is often a challenge. Read on to see how David has found his.

Who is David Bradley?

David, founder and owner of tech first accountancy firm Mint consultancy & accounting services, offers clients a truly digital experience. David uses Xero, Dext and other automation and accounting tech, to spend less time on manual tasks. That means he’s got more time to focus on speaking with clients, understanding their current challenges and advising them on how to grow their businesses. David offers his clients consultancy, not just accounting services (hence the name!).

How to give your clients a ‘competitive advantage’

People often underinvest in the payment methods they offer, sticking to bank transfer and cash; many small businesses don’t understand the impact not having an up to date payments tool has on their business. iwocaPay is improving the way businesses get paid, but for David’s clients it’s the ability to offer flexible payment terms that’s giving an instant competitive advantage.

Looking to help your clients gain a competitive advantage in their market like David has? Try iwocaPay. (Read on to find out how you too can reduce trade debt owed to you by offering better payment methods, just like David has.)

Addressing trade debt by turning invoices into checkouts

We know from Xero, that invoices with online payment options are paid twice as fast than their counterparts, yet 80% of B2B payments are made via bank transfer.

This slow, manual and disconnected payment method is costing businesses both time and money. In a world where we can have everything instantly with seamless experiences, we should be able to make a payment painlessly too.

By turning the bank transfer into an online payments method, iwocaPay is reducing the amount of trade debt, one invoice at a time.

Why David loves iwocaPay

For David, branding is essential and this means all parts of the business must reflect that. There’s nothing worse than working with a ‘tech’ brand who offers manual outdated payment methods.

With more millennials running businesses, the marketplace is changing and it’s important that the Mint Consultancy & Accountancy Services brand reflects their tech lead offering. David uses iwocaPay internally to not only offer his clients an alternative way to pay, but more importantly, reflect the tech based service David is selling.

"iwocaPay gives my clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace as well as reducing their trade debt - it’s a no brainer."

Armed with iwocaPay, David is helping his clients to not only get paid quicker, but gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Try iwocaPay for your firm

iwocaPay is used by accounting firms across the UK. Book a demo and learn more here.

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Article updated on: 14 October 2021

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