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Small business lender iwoca provided a staggering 3,802 credit lines of the 31,014 approved by all lenders in Q4 2018, equating to 12 percent of all new business overdrafts offered.


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Government scheme to help small businesses 'at risk of failure'

Finance - 3 months ago

The CEO of online lending company iwoca has written to the UK Chancellor warning that a government scheme to help businesses is “at risk of failure.”

iwoca urges the UK government to improve SMB lending conditions

Finance - 3 months ago

iwoca has published an open letter addressed to the UK Chancellor Philip Hammond about the government's Bank Referral Scheme (BRS).

SME advice gap takes the limelight at finance roundtable

Finance - 4 months ago

iwoca joins banks and policymakers to discuss the SME funding gap.

Fintech overtakes banks as they pull back from business lending

Finance - 4 months ago

“The fact that we have grown so rapidly and overtaken two of the high street banks so quickly shows how badly small businesses have been served.”

Challenger bank overtakes two major lenders

Finance - 4 months ago

Small business lender iwoca has overtaken two of the UK's biggest banks amid shrinking funding options for entrepreneurs.

Business lender Iwoca rakes in £150m financing

Funding - 6 months ago

iwoca has closed a total fundraise of £150m, led by an earlier £7.5m investment from London-listed fund Augmentum Fintech.

Lending revolution: fintechs vs banks

Finance - 5 months ago

Are emerging fintechs levelling the playing field with high street banks in the SME lending market?

UK fintech investment surging as iwoca raises millions

Funding - 6 months ago

Two UK financial technology businesses on Monday announced they had raised over £200m between them.