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Investing in the North of England

From one-man or one-woman bands to companies with huge annual turnovers, SMEs are central to the Northern economy. We explore the ingredients to their success.

60 second chat: Open Banking and The Bristol Fascia Company

Jason is a Director of The Bristol Fascia Company, a bespoke provider of high quality and thermally-efficient home improvement products. He's also one of the first customers in the UK to use Open Banking when applying for business finance. We caught up with him for a 60-second chat on the process.

iwoca celebrates its 7th birthday old today. Hurray!

It’s iwoca’s birthday! We’ll be blowing out seven candles on our cake today.Our company was founded back in 2011 by Christoph Rieche, our CEO, and James Dear, our CTO, and we’ve been incredibly busy ever since then.

Interview: will Brexit affect small businesses?

We spoke to Stephen McCarthy, owner of S&A Electrical Distribution, about his views on Brexit, and how leaving the European Union could impact his business.

iwoca launches Open Banking with HSBC and Barclays

As we celebrate the end of the year, we're really pleased to connect to Barclays and HSBC through Open Banking. We now offer three Open Banking connections, including Lloyds Bank, so more than 60 percent of our customers can open up to Open Banking.

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