CBILS Calculator

Use our CBILS calculator to find out what your loan could look like

If your business could do with some help at the moment, take a look at how much you could borrow under the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS).

Whether you build houses or bake bread, your business could borrow between £50,001 and £750,000 for up to five years, with no repayments, interest or fees for 12 months. Find out what works for you using the calculator below.


Monthly payment


Total payment


Total interest


Year 1



There's no fixed schedule.

Repay however you like in 12 months.



There's no fixed schedule.

Repay however you like in 12 months.

Monthly payment


Total payment


Total interest


How does our CBILS loan calculator work?

  1. Put in how much you'd like to borrow
  2. Choose how long for (up to 5 years)
  3. See how much your monthly repayments will be
  4. Click ‘Apply’ when you’re done

We've calculated your repayments using a rate of 10.2% APR – this only includes the interest you pay after the first year as the Government covers that. This means that the first year will always show £0.

Key features of an iwoca CBILS loan

  • borrow between £50,001 and £750,000
  • repay over five years or sooner (we never charge a fee for that)
  • pay between 5.9% and 10.2% APR
  • you won't need to give a personal guarantee for loans up to £250,000
  • you won’t pay a penny for twelve months.

Is my business eligible for CBILS?

You could be eligible for a CBILS loan with us if you’re a limited company based in the UK, and:

  • you've been negatively affected by coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • your 2019 turnover was £200,000 or more and you’re looking to borrow more than £50,000

  • your turnover is less than £45 million a year

  • you'll use the money to keep doing business in the UK

  • you'll only use it for business purposes

  • more than 50% of your turnover comes from trading (not investments)

Here’s an example

David Dick runs B&H Commercials – a small construction business based in Surrey. When the government announced the new lockdown restrictions the business lost a lot of work as his customers didn’t want builders inside their homes. David turned to us for a CBILS loan.

Let’s say David borrowed £100,000 for 36 months at 7.8% APR. After the first free 12 months, he’d have to make 24 monthly payments of £4,850. In the second year he’d pay £11,916 in interest and in the third £4,486. This is because while his interest rate remains the same, his total loan amount is smaller. So he accrues less interest in the third year of his loan.

Apply for CBILS today

If you’re interested in getting the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS), you can register your interest now. We’ll update you when you can apply.

What’s new about these loans?

There are some big differences between a CBILS loan and a regular business loan, including interest, eligibility and how you’ll make repayments.

Unlike a regular loan, you’ll only start paying interest after 12 months - a good chance to get your business back on track without worrying about repayments.

The eligibility criteria for CBILS loans are also different. Your business will need to have been negatively affected by coronavirus in order to apply. For example, if you run a restaurant and you were forced to close as a result of lockdown restrictions, you could be eligible.

Why choose iwoca?

It’s our mission to help as many small businesses as possible. Before the crisis, we’d already lent £1bn to over 50,000 customers. You can even read their glowing feedback – we’ve got an excellent, 4.7 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, with nearly 4,000 five star reviews.

We’re keen to keep supporting small businesses in the crisis by getting government loans to the companies who need it.