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We're a diverse team of over 200 people, 35 different nationalities with one goal in common: helping small businesses.

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Life at iwoca

We believe in the power of small businesses. We believe in creating jobs. In tooling up business owners for success. Growing the economy through local businesses. And we’re looking for smart, talented people to join the mission.

iwoca is a team of over 200 people made up of over 30 different nationalities, who like transparent leadership, unicycles, and fixing problems. We support each other by caring deeply and challenging directly. If this sounds interesting - let’s chat.

Unicycling negotiable.

We work a little differently

Continuously curious

The best things come from first understanding why something is important, and only then working out the optimum way of doing it. Through cultivating our curiosity, and by learning through questioning, we’ll work out the best way of growing a business we’re all proud of.

Candid feedback

We’re actively fostering a culture of regular and candid feedback, because we all care about helping everyone and everything to get better and better.

Output over input

We reward hard work, but the hard work that results in meaningful results. The quality of what you produce and the impact it has is what matters the most, so we work hard, and we make sure our efforts yield great results.

Grounded in humility

If you believe you already know everything, you also assume there is little to be gained by learning more. A humble person accepts that the only way to achieve greatness is by overcoming weaknesses. In reality, all ideas are flawed, all code has bugs, and everyone makes mistakes. Being humble means accepting that these facts apply to you, instead of just everyone else.

Genuinely invested

Small businesses are important - they provide 50% of private sector jobs and have been chronically underserved by the banks for decades. We really believe that small business is no small matter, and everyone we work with does too.

Why work at iwoca?

Summer & Winter Retreat

Love to ski? So do we. Once a year iwoca takes over a ski chalet, so you can jet off with your team for a week of skiing (and working) on the slopes. Or maybe you prefer somewhere warmer? This year we swapped our offices in London for a week at a poolside Villa in Sardina where we lived and worked in the sun.

We start the day right

Every morning iwocans come into full stocked fridges of berries, yoghurts, juices and more. There are snacks (both healthy and less healthy) to keep you going throughout the day, and fridges stocked with wine, beer and soft drinks after work.

Work in the heart of London

On the top floors of 247 Tottenham Court Road, our home is decked out with a pool table, video games and break out spaces. There’s even a unicycle lying around somewhere...

Flexible working

We’re looking for awesome people to join iwoca, and we wouldn’t want to lose anyone because they have other commitments. This is why we support flexible hours and working remotely. In the past we’ve helped accommodate child care, train for the Olympics, or even if you need to get your boiler fixed.