Podcast 25 – Julian Fisher, jisp

This week, Jamie speaks to Julian Fisher, the owner of jisp – an innovative app that seeks to improve retail across a number of industries.

15 January 2020

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Show notes

Julian Fisher, jisp

  • jisp was born out of a disparity between what consumers see when shopping online vs what they see in their high street store
  • It's an app that uses tech to unify the consumer experience
  • Recently, Julian attempted to buy a product from a high street store. He had found the product on their website, but it was £4 more expensive in the store. They suggested that he order it online to the store and collect it, rather than just selling it to him at the price advertised on the website. Julian aims to unify these separate experiences

Understanding consumer behaviour

  • We live in a data driven society, and modern technology allows companies to understand the needs of their consumer better through their activity on their website
  • This isn't the same in high street stores, consumers are largely left to browse by themselves
  • This means that store managers don't have information as to why people do or do not buy their products

But what does jisp actually do?

  • jisp uses the NFC reader in your phone to give consumers more information about products
  • The NFC reader is what is used for contactless payments
  • They place interactive stickers on price labels that can be tapped with smart phones to obtain more information about that product
  • This gives consumers easy access to essential details about a product such as price, materials and their social engagement

Wait a minute, is my data safe with jisp?

  • jisp is fully GDPR compliant and respects users privacy
  • This means that they only store data that they have a reason for keeping
  • They set up a filter that means only the right and relevant information reaches the consumer
  • The user data is completely anonymised and focuses on consumers habits and trends
  • People can also customise the way that the app works for them and the data that it uses

Julian's advice for small businesses

  • Be clear on your pricing
  • Develop a pricing strategy and stick to it
  • Understand that your consumer is a real person

The future of jisp

  • jisp is growing its reach – talking to new retailers directly
  • They're also launching a new payment platform in the next few months

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