Podcast 23 – Aimée Ramos, GoodEye Vintage

This week, Jamie talks to Aimée Ramos, owner of GoodEye Vintage about her attempt to put a stop to fast fashion. They discuss growing up in New York, tarot card readings and her biggest business challenges.

2 January 2020

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Show notes

Aimée Ramos, GoodEye Vintage

  • Aimée is looking to make GoodEye the go-to platform for environmentally conscious consumers to purchase vintage and up-cycled clothing
  • Fast fashion is one of the most polluting industries on the planet with a huge amount of textiles being put into landfill
  • A great amount of resources are used to create clothes that have a relatively short lifespan
  • The quality of vintage items is noticeably different, with modern clothes being made to break

Starting her business

  • GoodEye Vintage is a new business that officially launched its first collection on the 1st December 2019
  • Aimée aims to make buying vintage clothes seamless
  • Typically, vintage fashion requires a lot of hunting for garments at markets. Aimée seeks to simplify that process
  • She plans to launch a monthly collection

Aimée's collection

  • Aimée talks to vintage traders she likes in order to develop relationships with them and see if they could contribute to her collections
  • Her first collection is called 'Space age love song'
  • She aims to show the versatility and adaptability of vintage clothing for the working woman
  • She plans to open her collections up to other demographics after

Coming to London

  • Aimée grew up in New York and is from a Hispanic/ Puerto Rican background
  • She spent 9 years at university in New York city before choosing to move to London
  • Aimée was working as a media producer in NYC and was becoming increasingly frustrated with her life there and the 9 to 5
  • By chance, she became friends with a tarot card reader when she was at a low point in her life who told her that she needed to uproot her life and move somewhere else
  • Aimée came to London with just a backpack and pocket change, staying on friend's sofas until she had the resources to get her own place
  • She's now been living in London for three years

"Nobody's going to do it for you "

She magazine

  • Aimée also founded 'She' with two other friends – a magazine that focused on 'the shameless accounts of the female experience' and encouraged being your true, authentic self
  • The magazine spoke about the experiences that Aimée and her friends have had
  • They worked hard, writing articles themselves and using their own friends as models
  • It is now available in the Tate Modern, as well as in New York, Stockholm Milan, Amsterdam and Manchester

The future of GoodEye Vintage

  • Aimée's next collection will focus on the transition between day and night, from the working life into the evening
  • The photoshoot will take place in a grungy dive bar in Soho
  • She plans on obtaining more up-cycled garments, when someone customises a garment by adding new features to it
  • These items are very reasonably priced for the work that goes into them
  • The aim of GoodEye Vintage is to be seller-centric – promoting tradespeople who really value their products and source their materials very carefully

Biggest challenges

  • Aimée's biggest challenge at the moment is marketing – which outlets and channels are best for her consumers
  • She's found Instagram to be the best platform for her business as it is predominantly visual and allows her to promote her clothing
  • In 5 years time, she hopes to have powerfully effected someone's life

The big biz whiz quiz

  • Clothes worth £12.5bn are thrown in bin
  • Aimée scored 6/10

Brilliant or bonkers

"You can have anything you want in life, if you dress for it." – Edith Head

You can check out Aimeé's latest collection here

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