Podcast 18 – Start-up funding, head-buzzers and the supposed unchangeability of the self

This week, Mat and Jamie reunite to talk about start–up funding options, slick new channels for social media pioneers to explore and conclude with an all round discussion about the merits of what Eminem thinks about his past.

20 November 2019

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Finance explained


Marketing explained

  • Mat quizzes Jamie on how small businesses can use social media more effectively

Which social media platform is best for business?

  • Largely down to who your customer is
  • Generally speaking, Facebook work the best across most sectors (whether B2B or B2C)
  • For B2B, LinkedIn is great for reaching specific individuals

Should you have different personas for different social media platforms?

  • You don't want to have a persona that is unrecognisable between platforms
  • You can try to target different demographics with different social medias, but be mindful not to alienate people

What platforms are up and coming?

  • TikTok – A hybrid between Vine and Snapchat. Short video clips that can have music and filters over the top. It's very useful for targeting Gen–Z audience
  • Instagram is now one of the largest B2C platforms
  • Twitch is a video streaming platform for gamers, does it have the capacity to make business talks more interesting?

How much time should you invest in social media?

  • Try not to go overboard, unless your business is aimed at younger generations who are more active on social media

Brilliant or bonkers?

“People can try to reinvent themselves. I don’t think you can really change who you are, though, because who you are is pretty much where you came from and what you’ve done up to now.”

– Eminem

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Jamie Maddison has written for a range of publications including Lonely Planet, Geographical, Diplomat, and Hidden Europe.

Article updated on: 24 March 2020

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