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Meridian has been helping companies manage their cross border VAT for over 20 years and in the past few years we have built up quite a large base of e-commerce clients who have expanded into multiple markets rapidly.

When businesses are moving products cross border to consumers in other countries this usually triggers a VAT exposure in the country where the consumer is based. We help companies manage their VAT liabilities in different countries and jurisdictions. Meridian is committed to helping online sellers increase their international sales and strongly promotes the view that with the right preparation, expanding sales in new markets does not need to be complex.

What we do:

  • Identify in which countries a company has a VAT compliance issue and confirm those where they do not have any issues
  • Handle all VAT registration work on the company's behalf where a registration is required (we interface with the different tax authorities in the local language)
  • Manage all of the on-going compliance in each of these countries, while providing a single source of all international VAT documentation, history, workings etc via our VAT Portal

To check if you may need to register for VAT in a different country, answer these few simple questions.

For more information please contact Chris O'Shea:

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