60 second chat: Open Banking and The Bristol Fascia Company

Jason is a Director of The Bristol Fascia Company, a bespoke provider of high quality and thermally-efficient home improvement products. He's also one of the first customers in the UK to use Open Banking when applying for business finance. We caught up with him for a 60-second chat on the process.

9 November 2018

Q - You mentioned that at first you were a little anxious about using Open Banking; why is that?

A - It was the first time ever doing anything like that. I was nervous to begin with, providing a company I didn't really know with access to the bank account. But it turned out to be a lot less hassle than trying to find all the information lenders usually require and it made the process of applying very speedy.

Q - Had you heard of Open Banking before making the iwoca application?

A - No, not at all.

Q - Based on your experience of the process, would you recommend it to others?

A - Yes definitely. It was very easy.

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