Customer Stories

iwoca is trusted by thousands of small businesses

With more than £150 million lent to thousands of businesses, customers have given us a 9.6/10 rating across almost 1,000 Trustpilot reviews.

So, why not read stories from real businesses that have used iwoca?

Yuliya Price, Owner of B&K Beauty Boutique

“iwoca has alleviated what has always been my biggest problem: finance.”

Hash Hirji, Chief Creative Officer at Urban Species

“The more we worked with bigger companies with longer payment terms, the more unpredictable our cash flow became. That unpredictability made financing day-to-day operations very difficult.”

Tom Hyde, Founder of Brew Lab Coffee

“The bank moves really, really slowly and unfortunately as a small business your time scales aren’t always aligned with a big corporate body…[With iwoca] the application process was super easy, very quick, very efficient and the help was there when it was needed.”