The iwoca Challenge

A turn of events…

Luckily the last week brightened up my spirits a bit! Firstly I finally figured out my problem with PayPal, which was a great relief because eBay was already warning me that they would limit my access if I didn’t pay soon – all this trouble for a few euros… More importantly I sold my first […]

Ecommerce is tough…

I am slowly becoming more aware of the difficulty of this challenge. Everyone is able to buy things and put them online, but for me it seems impossible to find buyers. The internet is stacked with products and big online retailers can obviously offer their products at better terms/prices. Last week I was able to […]

First steps with Dior

In the last week I have made quite some progress in starting my ecommerce business – I sold my first item! I have decided to use Vienna as my base, from where I will be shipping my items. I have learnt about all the shipping options and have decided to use the Austrian postal service. […]

Getting started

Being totally thrown into cold water, I started my research. Evidently the hardest task is to decide on the products I should sell – and to cut it short, I haven’t decided yet. The abundance of auctions on eBay or Amazon for every single item makes it seem impossible to sell anything with a profit! […]

The iwoca Challenge

Hi everyone, My name is Carina and I am a 20-year-old economics student from Vienna. This summer I have the great opportunity to do an internship at iwoca beginning in July 2014. Before starting my internship, iwoca came up with a challenge for me – remember that I have no prior experience as an online […]