How Small Business Lending Has Changed

Guest post by Conrad Ford, CEO of Funding Options   The last few years have been an exciting time for small businesses looking for finance. Following the credit crunch, a new breed of non-bank finance provider began to emerge, with business models based on a mix of new technology and good old fashioned lending nous. […]

The iwoca Cash Flow Guide, Part 1: What is Cash Flow?

Having a good grasp of your cash flow is absolutely essential to success for companies of any size. Without managing it correctly you could find your apparently successful business has a serious shortage of funds. But before you can decide on the best strategy to minimise the risk of this happening to your business, you’d […]

The start of something new…

Hi, I’m Elliot, iwoca’s new editor-in-chief. I’m excited to announce that we’re going to be getting much more active on our blog and hopefully creating a really valuable resource for all types of small business owners. Since launch in 2012, we’ve had tens of thousands of small businesses apply and have been lucky enough to […]

Financial planning in your first year of business

Starting out a business is tricky. Most people forget something, and very often it’s expenses relating to the business. It’s not really weird that it happens, because how would you know if you never had your own business before? And more than that, sometimes you just don’t want to think about all the expenses, a […]

Understanding financial statements

This time we’re trying to understand financial statements. There are three important financial statements that all online sellers should know, if not thoroughly then at least superficially. These are the cash flow statement, the balance sheet and the profit and loss accounts. While being an online seller is a busy job, and many feel they […]

Taking control of your shipping fees

This issue is no longer new to any eBay sellers, but nonetheless it is still very current. Shipping fees is something that you can easily tend to forget (whether on purpose or not is difficult to say…). Sometimes these fees remove your profit, making it quite frustrating as this may be the only way for […]

Making (financial) room for marketing improvements

Something that somewhat tends to be overlooked for online sellers is marketing. Maybe because marketing for many is connected to expensive online banners or magazine ads. But this does not have to be the case, and it’s certainly not true when it comes to marketing for online sellers. Because while you are probably selling on […]

Margins, margins, margins…

Online sellers work hard. Many work on their own and it’s safe to say that there’s a lot to do. Sourcing stock, listing the products, taking orders, packing orders, sending orders and on top of that comes e-mailing, taking calls and oh, maybe a lunch break now and then. With so much to do, it […]

It’s all about refund policies

Are they even important? Should you have them? Well, yes. It’s definitely worth having a think about your return policies. First of all having a return policy can protect your business. Second of all, having a return policy can help you sell more. Let’s address one concern before we go further into this subject. Many […]