Customer Stories

iwoca is trusted by thousands of small businesses

With more than £80 million borrowed, customers have given us a 9.6/10 rating across 500+ Trustpilot reviews. You can read some stories from real businesses that have used iwoca below.

Yael Rose

“My account manager, Jasmine, was kind and I could tell she was really interested in my business”

Chris Nixon

“I know that if I need money and that I can prove we’ve got customers waiting, iwoca will tell me straight.”

Yuliya Price

“iwoca has alleviated what has always been my biggest problem: finance.”

Hash Hirji

“The more we worked with bigger companies with longer payment terms, the more unpredictable our cash flow became. That unpredictability made financing day-to-day operations very difficult.”

Leo Thompson

“It’s a product that we’ve found suits us really well because of its flexibility.”