Small Business Loans For eBay and Amazon Sellers

Small business loans can be incredibly difficult to get hold of, not to mention that it’s a lengthy process thanks to the banks being over-zealous with lending now. If you’re an online seller for eBay or Amazon you want a quick loan that gives your working capital a boost and helps you buy the stock you really need.

Of course, it’s not just stock that is needed. eBay and Amazon fees can mount up and need to be paid, and all too often it’s when you haven’t got the profits in your bank or PayPal account from sales. This is where quick small business loans come into play. iwoca is the answer. Instant working capital loans to help you grow your business, get by, pay bills and have the cushion that you need when things are going to be tight.

Banks and many financial institutions refuse online sellers business funding or unsecured business loans, as it seems too much of a risk. When you have problems with your cash flow there are very few options available. Now there is an option and it comes in the form of an unsecured business loan from iwoca; quick, easy loans that are decided upon in a matter of minutes and transferred to your bank before you know it. Once you’ve got your working capital injection you can buy new stock for your online business. Finally you can get the small business loan you need.

Quick Cash Loan Options

Quick cash loans for small businesses tend to be worse if you go to a bank. Banks tend to look at the business’ profits and overall profits before making a financial decision. Factoring can be too risky as your profits are held ransom and you can suddenly find yourself without working capital month after month. With a quick loan you can simply apply for the amount you need to cover all of your cash flow needs. When you buy and sell on eBay, you often find bulk buy gems that you simply cannot pass up and yet scraping together the cash can be a headache.

That’s why iwoca lets you have a quick loan so you can buy the stock, palette or job lot within a short time frame. These short-term loans keep your cash flow up and help you grow and progress in business without having to wait. A quick cash loan enables you to have a buffer amount of money so that you can retain profits and only use the loan for a new venture.

When it comes to business funding, you’re already thinking of expanding your online business. If you buy in bulk to sell on Amazon and need fast cash then other financial solutions providers will avoid you. But, with iwoca you get instant working capital so that you can grow your business without problems. Too many online businesses, particularly eBay and Amazon retailers, struggle with their cash flow and hit a dead point where the orders won’t finance purchasing new stock and that’s why they need a quick cash loan.

Business Funding Not From Banks

Business funding just isn’t available from banks like it once was. Of course, after many meetings and lots of paperwork you might be offered something that is long-term and with a high interest rate, but as far as unsecured business loans go you want something that’s more affordable. Funding from banks is, therefore, expensive and time-consuming; two things you don’t want or need when you need a cash injection for your eBay business.

As experts in the business funding niche, iwoca specifically helps small business with a business cash advance for Amazon or eBay sellers. This is fantastic news as online retailers and entrepreneurs have always struggled to maintain cash flow as there are always opportunities to buy cheap, bulk stock at the most inopportune times. Applying for a working capital loan means you can borrow the right amount of cash for your business opportunity and repay it in a timeframe that suits you.

Capitalising on an unsecured business loan means your business can achieve new goals and grow faster. However, growing too fast can sometimes mean that working capital is affected and that’s where a quick business loan can help bridge the gap so that progression matches growth. If you run an eBay shop or sell on Amazon and need a small business loan then check out iwoca’s business funding.

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