• Start spreading the news… iwoca’s been to New York with Boris!

    by  • February 23, 2015

      Last week iwoca’s Head of Development Adrien was whisked off to the USA by none other than the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. The reason? A trade mission to promote the very best of London’s burgeoning FinTech sector to American investors. iwoca was chosen as one of the delegates a few months ago, after we were lucky enough to attend...

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    The iwoca Cash Flow Guide, Part 2: Why Should I Forecast Cash Flow?

    by  • February 17, 2015

    Tea leaves. Tarot cards. Crystal balls. Spreadsheets. They’re all ways of predicting the future, but it’s fair to say they might not always be completely accurate. Yes, even with the best will in the world sometimes number-crunching fails to forecast correctly a businesses’ cash flow – there’s just too many variables to take into...

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    Small Business Brief | 7th-13th Feb

    by  • February 13, 2015

    This week’s seen a veritable bonanza of small business articles by the Guardian. We’ve picked the best three from them, along with a few articles from other sources, to give you a quick overview of the small business news of the week. The difference between starting up and scaling up. Entrepreneur-in-residence at the heart of...

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    The iwoca Cash Flow Guide, Part 1: What is Cash Flow?

    by  • February 10, 2015

    Having a good grasp of your cash flow is absolutely essential to success for companies of any size. Without managing it correctly you could find your apparently successful business has a serious shortage of funds. But before you can decide on the best strategy to minimise the risk of this happening to your business,...

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    Small Business Brief | 30th-6th Feb

    by  • February 6, 2015

    The best small business stories from last week, selected by iwoca. With cybercrime, Pinterest and international expansion all on the agenda, it’s been an interesting week to say the least. Cybercrime a huge new issue for small businesses. With so many high profile news stories around this topic in recent months, there are growing...

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    New Broker Platform Released | iwoca News

    by  • February 3, 2015

    iwoca is pleased to announce that today we unveiled our brand new broker platform. This newly developed piece of kit allows financial brokers to submit a client’s application within five minutes through a personalised dashboard, where they can also can track all previous approvals. Funds are typically made available to a client within hours...

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    EU VAT changes – what’s the deal? Is your business affected?

    by  • January 20, 2015

    New EU VAT changes became law at the start of 2015, and with official government data suggesting that 34,000 SME’s could be affected, it’s about time you figured out if your business is too. So… who’s affected? The change only affects businesses selling digital products such as e-books, online courses or downloadable items to customers...

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    5 Tips For Preventing Late Payments

    by  • January 12, 2015

    Getting paid late… nobody likes it, right? It’s an all too-common issue for companies selling B2B. All your best laid plans rely on promptly receiving what you’re owed, so a glut of late payments can cause serious cash flow problems. While you can never fully hammer them out, follow these tips to minimise the risk of late payments...

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    The Small Business Brief | 15-21 December

    by  • December 21, 2014

    A round-up of the best small business news and stories from the week, as chosen by our editorial team. EU VAT reform labeled ‘idiotic’. The Telegraph reports that from January 2015, small businesses within the EU have to charge customers VAT rates from their country of origin. If this new law goes through, they suggest, it will...

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    The start of something new…

    by  • December 19, 2014

    Hi, I’m Elliot, iwoca’s new editor-in-chief. I’m excited to announce that we’re going to be getting much more active on our blog and hopefully creating a really valuable resource for all types of small business owners. Since launch in 2012, we’ve had tens of thousands of small businesses apply and have been lucky enough...

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    iwoca launches in Spain to meet demand for small business financing

    by  • December 18, 2014

    iwoca has started offering credit to the two million small businesses in Spain, further expanding its international reach. iwoca’s proprietary risk engine makes lending decisions based on data taken from business bank accounts, payment processors, ecommerce platforms and sector-specific providers. This allows it to assess the millions of small businesses currently neglected by the banks,...

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    A typical ecommerce transaction – how do you compare?

    by  • June 19, 2014

    We’ve all been there. You are so caught up in day to day business management that you lose track of how you compare to the industry. Don’t despair, we can help. We’ve analysed data from thousands of iwoca customers to generate the breakdown of a typical ecommerce transaction. Cost of goods Sourcing products is...

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